The Secretary of the “Dardania” College

PhD-cand. Fatlum Mjeku


The Secretary of the “Dardania” College

The Secretary of the “Dardania” College , is the highest administrative authority, responsible for administrative managing and good functioning of the College. (S)he is legal representative of the institution on financial and administrative issues, and has the competence of managing the spaces, security, logistics, in accordance with legal definitions, as well as other competences foreseen by respective legislation and normative acts.

“Dardania” College has an efficient administration, in terms of organization and directing of administrative and financial work, as well as the work for practical purposes. It work based on the organogram of the College and the Regulation on Organization and systemization of workplaces, which foresee the detailed description of the duties for every working place, the rights and responsibilities, the adequate level of qualifications, working experience, and the payment coefficient. In accordance with the Regulation and the Law on Labor, Nr. 03/L-212, the Secretary evaluates the performance of the workers of administration, and this procedure was shown very successful at “Dardania” College.

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