Social Care and Welfare


The mission of the Bachelor Programme of “Social Care and Welfare” is the education of qualified professionals who will be able to exercise their future profession and further pursue their academic interests. This is in full accordance with the mission of the “Dardania” College.

The importance of the program derives from the newlycreated reality in Kosovo. The program’s mission is to develop and disseminate knowledge through education to promote specific values ​​of care and welfare to society, individuals, family, and wider community in Kosovo and beyond.
The Bachelor Programme in “Social Care and Welfare” Studies pays particular attention to the special categories of population with economic needs and other existential needs. The program itself, includes courses in the fields of psychology, sociology, pedagogy, etc. which make it multidisciplinary and applicable to the overall training of professionals for care and social welfare.

The “Social Care and Welfare” Program prepares competent social workers, with advanced knowledge and skills, with a high professional ethics for care and social work, able to prove willingness to care for different social categories of society.


Considering the importance of the study content and the mission of the “Dardania” College, the objectives of the Bachelor Programme in “Social Care and Welfare” are:

  • Implementing the knowledge and skills of general social work practice in caring for individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities.
  • Developing a critical and integrative understanding of the relationship between theory, research and advanced practice in social care and welfare.
  • Practicing theoretical and practical knowledge in accordance with the ethical values ​​of the social work profession, achieved by demonstrating competent professional behavior, conscience at work with the service users, related to work and social welfare.
  • Developing skills and abilitiesneeded for successful application of services in environments where the provision of professional activities in the area of ​​care and social welfare is required.
  • Training of students for designing and managening projects in the fieldof ​​care and social welfare.

Enabeling students with the lifelong learning philosophy to continuously improve their academic and professional skills.

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