Political Science and Public Administration


“Dardania” College Program Political Science and Public Administration is a study program that provides for professional upbringing and practical nurturing of students in the field of Political Science and Public Administration. This program, through teaching, practical activities and research, aims to develop capable cadre that would, though their work and their engagement, contribute for the sustainable and creative development to their life milieu. Program of Political Science and Public Administration also aims to produce competent and professional cadre, comparable to the countries of European zone of high education, who would be capable to accomplish above-mentioned requests in the context of development of economic, political, social and cultural life of Kosovo.      


The aim of the Program of Political Science and Public Administration of “Dardania” College is to prepare students for carriers that would be beneficial to them at their post-university education, leading and administrative positions, and the public service. For this reason, the personnel of the Program on Political Science and Public Administration, same as the entire “Dardania” College, is dedicated to fulfil its aim of successful carrying of knowledge and practices of teachers towards students, as well as their enabling for professional-scientific research, that would make them able to create, articulate and develop their own ideas and contributions, as well as for their studies in this Program to become an entrance to their eternal life capabilities. Along the general objectives, the program has also the following particular objectives:     

  • The Program of Political Science and Public Administration offers a high quality content that involves quality teaching, stimulate practical work and scientific research in the social fields;
  • The Progam is designed on the bases of contemporary recommendations and concepts, and a methodology of teaching through strategies, forms and methodical proceedings that ensure the raising of the quality level in the study work;
  • The Program is based on principles of the National Framework of Qualifications and Qualifications of the European Zone of High Education;
  • We think that the Program contains well-established didactic concepts, which were regularly reviewed on the bases of students progress;
  • The Program of Political Science and Public Administration is implemented by a qualified and competent academic staff, which was chosen based on the Law on Higher Education, “Dardania” College Statute and the regulation on selection and advancement of academic cadre;
  • The Program of Political Science and Public Administration was drafted on the bases of priority needs and comparability with sister programs on political science and public administration of some Western European universities, adapted to the regulation policies of “Dardania” College.
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