Business Administration and Economics Bachelor

The Mission

The mission of the BA Business Administration and Economics program is to prepare students with intellectual capacities for leadership career, practical management skills, introducing them to research and broaden their knowledge about systems and economic policies to contribute and cope with the challenges of a free market economy. The mission of the program has been defined including academic staff, quality assurance office, students, internal and external stakeholders opinions, an expert of the field of study, and by also taking into consideration other mission components such as literature, technology, infrastructure, self-concept, and the market needs.

The primary purpose of the overall educational activity at Dardania College is for students to be systematically engaged, educated and trained in academic, professional and practical fields. BA Business Administration and Economics program offers three-year studies and delivers a range of courses that are related to the most demanding fields in the labor market such as finance and accounting, marketing, economic policies, and orientation to different aspects of management and business.

The importance of the program lies in preparing students to have a career prospect, preparing them for the entire spectrum of fields related to economics and businesses. It aims to continue to contribute to intellectual and creative development of students in order to prepare as many more qualitative ones, so their contribution can be effective in the country's economic development and to the business community. To achieve this aim, the program has been designed with didactic and research concepts so students will have it easier to learn, develop skills, and achieve the objectives and necessary results. In order for students to be better prepared in each semester for their studies, the program includes basic/mandatory courses such as Academic Writing, Basics of Management, Basics of Statistics, Introduction to Informatics, Research Methods, and so on (check Overview of the Program). Every course of the program, mandatory and elective, offers a range of didactic methods and tools used for teaching and learning such as video-lecturing, peer instruction, learning by doing, class discussions, cooperative learning, formative assessment, feedback, and so on.


The objectives of the program are defined in consistency with the NQF (National Qualifications Framework) and therefore determined to be compatible with the Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education. The objectives and learning outcomes are defined by the cooperation of the academic staff, as well as taking into consideration relevant professional advice by internal and external stakeholders, an expert of the field of study, and QAO (quality assurance office). Learning outcomes can be found listed in Educational Process Content in this document.

Given the importance of the study content and the mission of the Dardania College, the objectives of the Business Administration and Economics program at the Bachelor level are:

  • Equip students with skills and knowledge related to business analysis and business environment.
  • Provide students with theoretical and empirical bases with which they will be able to deliver arguments in addressing various economic issues.
  • Equip students with managerial and leadership skills in order for them to be able to cooperate effectively and get the best out of the team-work.
  • Provide students with strategies regarding opportunities and threats that businesses face in a continuosly-changing environment
  • Provide students with insights that highlight the importance of a diversity workforce and a diversity of clients.
  • Develop students’ capabilities to argue and evaluate economic policies, including the ways of articulating them with principles that positively impact the economic well-being.
  • Develop students’ skills to be able to evaluate quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Develop students’ skills to argue and find solutions to various operational, tactical and strategic problems.


The program is administered by Dean of the academic unit (Faculty). The Dean chairs the Teaching and Research Council, which also reports to the Rector about the implementation of the teaching process and research.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of BA Business Administration and Economics program, students will be able to: 

  • Use and evaluate tools for analysing a business in its environment.
  • Demonstrate skills in dealing with threats and opportunities faced by organizations in a continuous changing environment.
  • Demonstrate skills in dealing with the diversity of clients and diversity of the workforce in a continuous changing environment.
  • Evaluate the quality of quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Work in a subject specific field of a company related to management, finance, accounting, economics, and business in general.
  • Use the acquired skills in job positions with primary functions such as promoting and advertising, production planning, and analysing statistics data.
  • Demonstrate skills in arguing which principles to be used in finding solutions to issues related to economic policies.
  • Demonstrate skills in dealing with operational, tactical, and strategic issues.
  • Demonstrate capabilities related to leadership and decision-making processes regarding the strategies used to deal with short-term and long-term goals.

*The program of Business Administration and Economics is under accreditation process.

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