Applied Psychology and Management Studies

The Mission of the Program Applied Psychology and Management Studies at the bachelor level is to prepare the next generation of professionals and leaders capable of managing human resources in corporations and leaders in public activities. The Program Applied Psychology and Managerial Studies also aims to create competent professional staffs comparable to European higher education countries, through knowledge of psychology that will serve as a tool for successful management wherever it works and it works.

This applied program aims to enable students to manage the behaviors and actions of stakeholders within the organization taking into account their psychological implications in interpersonal relationships.


The objectives of the Program for Applied Psychology and Management Studies are to:

1. Develop critical and integrative understanding of the relationship between theory, research and advanced practice in applied and organizational psychology,

2. Develop required skills for the application of psychology in the professional and organizational environments,

3. Develop systematic research skills through theoretical and empirical approaches,

4. Enable students to reflect the ethical code values ​​in the working environment,

5. Train students for the project development in the field of applied and organizational psychology.

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