Applied Psychology and Managerial Studies

Dardania College offers the program of Applied Psychology and Managerial Studies at bachelor level. This program is comparable with programs of High Educational Institutions of Western Europe.

Studies are based on work which interactive teaching: Continuous dialog between work in the field and academic analysis.


Applied Psychology and Managerial Studies program is designed to prepare students with mutual knowledge of theory and practice respectively for applied psychology in the organizational/business/industrial context. This applied program aims to provide students with the opportunity to appreciate and understand the psychological atmosphere of the business and industrial environment in a comprehensive way by developing an understanding of how organizations operate in the modern business environment while considering implications for the individual in managerial work in organizations.

The specialty of this program emanates from the combination of fundamental management areas with basic scientific concepts and methods of applied psychology, with theoretical orientation together with a practical business orientation. The students gain knowledge from their lectures and readings and from experience that they gain from this program.

The link between theory and practice and application follows students during this program.

Inclusion of psychological perspectives allows students to acquire basic skills in human individual relations and organizational health, in performance and productivity. This program will prepare students for managerial work in industry and in areas where psychology should be the priority as is marketing, recruitment, advertising, advisory human resources training and public sector.

The graduates will provide an additional value for any organization because they will serve to market needs. The graduates will possess not only acquire a management background and  human skills required to succeed in their path during their chosen careers, with a sharp eye for details and evidence-based thinking, but will also be able to make a contribution in the human factors and human resources portion of business and industry.


Applied psychology and managerial studies program includes 180 credits for 3 study years from these of the field of Applied Psychology, in the industrial, organizational and business context. The total of 180 ECTS credits enables the students to obtain the title of Bachelor in Applied Psychology and Managerial Studies.

This program allows students to gain knowledge on general theory and practice of these study fields. 

At the same time this course offers additional knowledge to students in specific areas which are of interest and correspond to applied psychology and managerial studies.


The key of applied psychology and managerial studies is mainly based on group and individual practical work and seminars. This experience can be used in industry marketing, recruitment, training, counseling, advertising, human resources and public sector. Students will perform 150 hours of practical work per semester, and will be encouraged to find paying work into the areas addressed by the studies. Some of the courses will be in the form of intensive workshops with international staff, supplementing ongoing studies and guest speakers. Staff with field expertise will be incorporated into the study program along with academic professors.


We are focused on applied psychology and managerial studies because it is highly required for the employment market needs. Kosovo has a great need for psychology to all specializations and in this context in this field of study as well. This BA program at the college level would meet the current needs of present and future. Graduates may enter a wide variety of career and different positions including managerial job in the industry, marketing, advertising, training, recruitment, social work, working with personnel, human resources and counseling. Entrepreneurship will be encouraged and rewarded.

During the sixth semester students will follow the internship, preferably abroad, accompanied with courses according to the study plan.

The first year, as is the usual case, is based on introductory topics and very basic skills. The field work during the fist year will be mostly observation, with some small careful interventions added to exercise beginning skills. The second year will be characterized by limited intervention with an emphasis on elementary skills in management ergonomics, group processes, selection strategies, EU regulations relating to work and psychology, etc. The third year will incorporate more advanced techniques of intervention and evaluation and will culminate in a semester-long supervised internship. The students advanced enough in English or another EU language will be placed in organizations abroad or in International organizations in Kosova. Proficiencies in EU languages will be awarded preference in the student selection process for this track.