Social Care and Welfare

The Program of Social Care and Welfare - Bachelor level fulfills our mission of the institution having as basis offering high quality programs and professional development of students for a successful career. Furthermore, this program will be supported and will function according to guiding principles, valid for other study programs of the College.
Students will be able to:

• Areas of interdisciplinary theoretical and practical studies in social care and welfare
• Development of relevant concepts for studies in social care and welfare
• Formation of necessary skills for identification, intervention and rehabilitation and treatment of the phenomena in the fields of social care and welfare
• Development of necessary competencies for professional treatment of subjects with different needs from social care and welfare work in order to prevent further deterioration and treatment of specific cases;
• Interventions aimed at reducing social deviant behavior, with asocial and non-educative character.
• Creating a culture of professional communication and development of critical thinking and arguing for dealing with clientele
• Creating the right orientation ability within the existing reality in social, political, cultural level, etc. and commitment to the implementation of professional ethics at social care and welfare workers.
• Enabling students to implement in practice the educational and social welfare of children and young people in need of social care and welfare;
• Students should be able to deal with social care and welfare with children and young adults and people with disordered socio-emotional behavior;
• Students should be able for work in re-socialization and prevention of deviant behavior of young people and other living persons of different ages.
Besides the above objectives, the students of this program will be trained for the continuation of studies at MA level for the same field or related fields within the humanities and social sciences.