English language and american studies

Bachelor Program in English Language and American Studies in general aims at training students who will be capable of practicing their future profession. With the new reality in Kosova, English has become the first language of communication; hence the mastery of the English language and the Anglo-American culture will provide the graduates of this program better opportunity for integration in the labour market as well as wider range of options for further education.

Studies in the Program of English Language and American Studies will last for six semesters, and within them three main fields of study are harmonized: Language and communication, literature, and Anglo-American civilization and culture. These fields will be elaborated within particular courses in which students will develop and deepen their language skills, as well as their academic skills, in order to increase their language proficiency which will enable them to communicate accurately and fluently in academic and non-academic circles and cope with the challenges encountered in the labour market and society in general.

Apart from the pragmatic aspect, students of this program will also be equipped with in- depth knowledge related to different levels of language system of English through subjects of: English grammar, Morphology, Phonetics and phonology, Syntax and Lexicology. The entirety of literature studies is offered through subjects that present the most important literary periods: Renaissance, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Victorian literature, Modern English and American literature, alongside with the component of British and American civilization that is treated as a special subject. As a course in its own right British and American civilization is an interdisciplinary course that studies the English and American culture and experience in all their diversity. Through its rich display of course offerings, it seeks to promote in students an understanding and appreciation of the nations' cultural heritage and social development with attention to the multiple narratives of English and American past.

English Literature and American Literature modules allow students to explore the relationship between English and American literature and culture. Modules complement each other with a stimulating mix of English and American literature, culture and history.

Elective courses in the program of English language and American Studies serve to provide additional knowledge and skills in order to expand students' spectrum of knowledge. Through the subjects of choice students will be equipped with knowledge and ability in specialised professional fields according to the needs and preferences of the students, such as: Translation (Theory and practice of translation, Non-literary translation, Literary translation, Consecutive and Simultaneous Translation), using language for specific purposes (English for academic purposes, English for business, English for legal purposes, and similar).

In order to be better prepared to keep pace and cope with contemporary requirements, this program offers students the modules of Albanian language, as well as foreign languages (German, French) with the purpose of expanding their linguistic knowledge, and their ability to be competitive in the labour market.

Upon successful completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Communicate fluently and accurately at advanced level in writing, as well as in speaking with native and non-native speakers of English;
  • Demonstrate a high level of knowledge of the language system and the ability to apply it in practice in different forms and at diverse levels of public communication;
  • Translate different text types, both written and oral, and mediate in order to facilitate communication between English and non-English speakers;
  • Demonstrate high level of knowledge related to English and American literature and culture, cultural similarities and differences, and mediate in order to facilitate inter-cultural communication.

The ultimate aim of the undergraduate studies in this program is to prepare professionals of the title Bachelor of English Language and American Studies. In order to obtain the title Bachelor of English Language and American Studies, the student must accumulate at least 180 ECTS credits, and complete the exams foreseen by the study plan and program. Studies are completed by the public defence of the diploma paper in front of the appointed commission.

Upon the successful completion of the studies, the graduates from the Program of English Language and American Studies will have a wide range of opportunities for employment. They will be able to get a job in various governmental and non-governmental organizations, in public administration, in different private and public companies that practice economic activities, in trade and business enterprises that offer services and have translational relations or international clientele. They may work in a wide variety of positions in which either communication, or mediation in English, in order to facilitate the communication between English and non-English speakers, is required. 

The diploma of Bachelor of English Language and American Studies will also enable graduate students of this program to continue further their academic and professional achievements and to enrol the Master Studies.